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For more than three decades, Dynabook Inc. (formerly Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.) has shaped the mobile computing market by taking chances to push beyond the status quo.

What does it take to be called ‘the expert?’ Ceaseless innovation for one.

At Dynabook, it started by debuting the world’s first laptop in 1985 with the Toshiba T1100, and continued with a constant stream of cutting-edge products featuring more than 30 World’s First technologies. Those innovations included design, battery, display and wireless breakthroughs, which shaped the mobile computing landscape as we know it today.

Another key pillar for Dynabook is our drive to quality and reliability for our laptops. Put it all together and you can rest assured—when you turn to Dynabook you’re not just getting first-to-market expertise, but a whole new sense of what you can achieve.

Shaped by 135 years of innovation

We’re expanding the limits of mobile computing by announcing new technological advancements time and time again. But our passion for innovation is hardly new. In fact, it dates back centuries, starting with two of the most brilliant minds in Japanese history—Hisashige Tanaka, well known for a series of inventions in his youth, and Ichisuke Fujioka, called the Thomas Edison of his country.

These legendary figures launched groundbreaking businesses that would thrive for decades and later merge to become Toshiba. And they both brought innovations to Japan that would ultimately benefit the rest of the world, like X-ray tubes or radio transmission tubes in 1919. In the 30’s they introduced the first electric washing machines and refrigerators in Japan, later the world’s first color video phone, color TV with black stripe-type cathode-ray tubes, plus a lot more. By 1985, the company decided to mobilize the personal computer with the introduction of the world’s first laptop PC, the Toshiba T1100. This product introduction sparked a revolution of thinner, lighter and more powerful mobile computing devices

And today, even with a new name, our heritage is still deeply rooted in this 135-year commitment to innovation.

Quality and Reliability

At Dynabook, it’s our mission to deliver the highest levels of quality and reliability so you and your PC never skip a beat.

Some believe that all PCs are built with the same standard components and are essentially the same regardless of the manufacturer. This is not the case with Dynabook. We not only design in innovative features, we also design in quality and reliability into every product.

This mission is developed from over 30 years of knowledge, experience and the meticulous management systems throughout our factories. The level of quality management is evident throughout our development process, from component selection to quality assessments in the design phase to quality control in the production phase.

We pride ourselves in the quality and reliability that we deliver to you with Dynabook.

One of our many tools for quality management is our simulation technology, which we built from the data and knowledge we've gathered from engineering and manufacturing millions of laptops in our own factories since 1985. Our attention to detail is unique. We even simulate how electrical currents flow in our laptops and what happens when power is applied to predict which components will have to withstand the load the best. These results allow our engineers to anticipate the unwanted effects on those components.

Another tool we use is the Highly Accelerated Life Test or HALT. This testing process allows Dynabook engineers to subject our laptops to several years' worth of stress in only a few weeks. The results of this testing helps us determine how to prevent unwanted effects that may arise after years of use.

Committed to Innovation

While others spend millions in advertising, we invest where it really counts—into constant research, painstaking design, plus endless testing and re-testing. We keep pushing the limits of what laptops and solutions can do. To redefine the boundaries of mobile computing. And to change business out comes for our customers.

Since 1985, we have introduced more than 30 World’s First Technologies to the mobile computing marketplace. We pioneered the integration of lithium and nickel metal hydride batteries into laptops to extend computing time without needing a power outlet. You could argue the display is the single most important component of a laptop. With this in mind, we brought to market a TFT Color Display for a laptop in 1991 and then a 4K laptop in 2014, both World’s Firsts.

Dynabook led the miniaturization of components and materials resulting in thinner and lighter laptops for maximum portability. Another highlight of our commitment to shape the market is the adoption of an optical drive and DVD drive, which expanded both work and entertainment possibilities for users. And, finally our newest innovation, was the introduction the world’s first Windows 10 Pro AR Smart Glasses. The dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses brings wearable computing to front line workers and presents a clear path to improving efficiency, quality, and productivity.

We have changed the face of mobile computing the past 30 years. As you can see, we like staying busy. Let’s see what the next 30 have in store.

We are Dynabook